Online shop for Credit Suisse. Connected to accounting system, project management tool, logistics company and print shop. Completely automated. Individual purchasing restrictions. Multilingual.

Online shop solution for Ochsner Sport. For the creation of team shops for Ochsner Sport clubs. Custom backend for easy shop management by shop managers. Custom onboarding for new team shops. Custom exporter of orders for suppliers. Direct payments to clubs via Loxopay. Multilingual.

Shop solution for Burkhalter Group. Own shop for each location. Easily scalable for their 100+ locations and 3000+ employees with fast shop creation process. Custom onboarding for employee registration. Custom credit system. Connection to accounting system. One-click login with in-house Microsoft logins. Completely automated.

Online shop integrated into the existing website of Sports Aid Switzerland. Seamless integration into the corporate design. Existing payment processor integrated via API. Multilingual. Completely automated. Orders go directly into the order processing tool and to the logistics company.

Internal shop for NEP Group to equip employees. Individual and simple ordering process. Clothing packages according to department. Separate shop for repeat orders. Orders go automatically to the finisher. Integration with order processing tool and accounting software. 

Shopping platform with several thousand articles for Kustom. Complete automation from ordering to accounting software, invoicing, supplier ordering, project management tool, newsletter tool, print shop, logistics to package label. Automatic stock reconciliation with supplier warehouses. Own point system for loyalty programme and instant rewards. User-role based payment methods, shipping methods, shopping options and access restrictions. User-role based pricing. Easy creation of team shops for clubs. Custom registration pages for club members. Custom products importer. Optimised server and backup settings for speed, security and reliability. 

Internal shop for the city of St. Gallen. Custom backend for storing articles, cost centres and employee data. Department heads only see their own employees. Individual add-ons. Automation with project management tool, accounting system and logistician. 

Team shop solution for iNOW. For the creation of team shops for clubs. Separate offer-shop for the customised creation of offers. Custom shop-, product- and checkout pages. Opening hours tool for opening and closing individual team shops. Automation with accounting system. User-role based payment methods. Country-specific shipping methods. Multilingual.

Film streaming platform for Klipist. SEO optimised; number 1 ranking on Google for most important keywords. Speed optimised; 99/100 points on Google Pagespeed Insights. Advanced server settings for streaming large amounts of data. Shop function rebuilt for submitting films. Custom backend for easy entry and management of films. Membership-ready for profiles, watchlists and subscriptions. Connection to project management tool.

Online shop for Armatron AG. Detailed configurator to compile products. Function for administrators to create offers. Separate access and prices for resellers. Custom shop-, product- and checkout page. Multilingual.

Simple online shop in custom design for Cradocs. Highly simplified backend. Weight-based shipping costs. Connection to existing email server.

Custom web development for recruitment agency Campobassowork. Custom backend pages to easily create and manage job ads. Special contact forms for job applications. Custom watchlist function for unregistered users.

Multilingual online shop for Handball Switzerland. Coupon generator. Giveaway tool. Custom XML Importer for product matching. Role-based payment methods. Integration with order processing tool and accounting software. Automatic newsletter matching.

Custom web development for Swissasiatrading. Multilingual. Live chat integration. Custom contact forms. Quote request tool.

Swissasia Trading

Online shop for Swiss Floorball, Raiffeisen Golf Trophy, Swiss Gymnastics Federation, Jako and Academic Sports Association Zurich in collaboration with Ochsner Sport. Automatic stock reconciliation with suppliers via EAN. Custom package functions. Completely automated with accounting software, project management tool and logistics.

Swiss Unihockey

Online shop for Swiss Cycling with basic template. Multilingualism for Switzerland. Separate shop for raffles, free promotions and address collection. Integration into order processing tool and accounting software.

Swiss Cycling

Workwear shop for the Hälg Group. To equip the entire workforce in 30+ locations in multiple languages. Custom backend pages to manage employees with employee number, cost centre, assortment, and clothing sizes. Custom access for department managers to view their own employees. Custom employee importer and exporter. Custom registration for employees. Automated credit system for employee budget. Custom invoicing and shipping destinations by employee. Fully automated with supplier for printing, storage and distribution.

Internal shop for Mobiliar for ordering promotional items, merchandise and shirts. Individual finishing options for the articles. Automated warehousing. Connected to project management tool, accounting system and logistics of manufacturer.

"For the realisation of our digital association shop, we appreciated Philip's and Mäsi's know-how enormously. Their friendly, competent and uncomplicated manner, as well as the great, individual and speedy implementation still inspire us today. Thank you for your top work!"

"As a customer, you are involved right from the start, you have a say and you get useful feedback. As a customer, you can also take on a lot yourself and if there is a hitch, Philip is always there immediately :)! Support is very prompt and you always have a solution for all problems."

"Working with Loxotipu is amazingly uncomplicated. And everything is highly professional, extremely close and personal. The collaboration is just really cool.