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We can very well understand your concerns and doubts about security on the World Wide Web. You hear a lot of scary stories. Therefore, it is all the more important to take the necessary measures seriously and professionally. We are talking about tools and topics such as: security analysis, securing, backing up and restoring data, secure hosting, password management, securing login pages, anti-virus and anti-malware, firewalls as well as blockchain technologies.

Safety first? Yes, safety really does come first. Also in the digital world. We therefore advise you to do your homework and secure yourself. Especially in times of home offices, flexible workplaces or new work models, modern data management brings a lot of added value and the necessary security.


Spyware: Collects personal information, login information, credit card numbers or financial information. Adware: Unsolicited advertisements or redirects. DDoS Attacks: Cripples your websites. Brute Force Attacks: Cracks passwords of you and your customers. Worms: Copies itself to devices connected to the affected system, deleting files and consuming bandwidth. Ransomware: Malware that prevents you from accessing your system or personal files and demands a ransom. Rootkits: Allows remote access and full control over your systems without you even noticing. 100+ other hazards. 


CHECK. Safety check with over 1000 tests. CHECK. Reliable 24/7 Firewall for Bots, SQL Injection, BruteForce, Spam
and 100+ other types of attacks. CHECK. Automated malware scans and manual malware removal. CHECK. Emergency fixes by team of experts. CHECK. Monitoring that your site is not blacklisted by search engines due to an attack. CHECK. Complete backup system for regular backups and quick restoration of your data. CHECK. Protected access and security of the login pages CHECK. Secure password management tool. CHECK. Reports and evaluations.

Thousands of websites are hacked every day without anyone noticing.

Theft of customer data, credit card information, passwords and redirection to dubious websites are the most common targets of hackers.

We'll back up your data and fix any issues related to malware, blacklists, phishing, defacement, spam, and more so you can get back to work right away and stay worry-free for the long term.

We have experts with a whole arsenal ready to defend you: reliable firewalls, strong malware scanners, security tests, regular backups for data protection, and much more.

Tailored to your needs

Radical security check
Setting up reliable firewall
Automated malware scans
Manual malware removal
Blacklisting monitoring
Team of experts to fill gaps
Emergency fixes
Practical backup system
Security updates
Secure transactions
Protected access
Password Manager
Blockchain Opportunities

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What is Securitor?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the Monster

Once upon a time, in a faraway place, 7-year-old Hans lived alone in a hut in the dark woods. Little Hans had built up a small fortune with his business and bought a small hut as security against thieves. That night, a gentleman named Securitor knocked on his door. Hans was shocked that he find his house. Securitor said it was crazy easy and that he recommended he take greater security measures. He blabbered on about many different terms like firewall, virus and malware scanner, backups and even blockchain at the end - after which Hans closed the door in confusion. All that seemed unnecessary, as he had a modest house in the middle of nowhere.

Later that night there was another knock on the door, but when it opened there was no one there. Hans checked if all doors and windows were closed but found nothing out of the ordinary. But then there was a clang in the kitchen. What could that be? Armed with a CD, he ventures into the kitchen - and lo and behold - a bug! He kills the bug. But then three more bugs appear by the fridge! That can't be, he has a lock on the door and all the windows were closed! And then suddenly he hears a screeching noise from the bedroom. Now armed with two USB sticks, he finds a huge, hideous piece of malware standing in front of him in the bedroom, made up of thousands of little bugs, eating up credit cards, customer data and everything else in the room. Screaming, Hans runs away, wanting to escape - but the front door is gone. The malware must have eaten it too! As the malware begins to eat the stairs, Hans desperately flees to the basement. It is pitch dark. He has no way out. Then the malware reaches the cellar door. And at that moment, a red hot light suddenly appears. It's Securitor. He has conjured a giant firewall in the shape of "Loxotipu" and is surrounded by malware erasers. "How did you get in here?" asks Hans. "That was crazy easy too!" The firewall scared away the malware and the Securitor installed all its security measures.

Although Hans had already lost everything, he was grateful to Securitor to the end of his days.

Moral of the story: The Securitor secures data and protects it from malware and attacks.