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The Kompletor module is the all-in-one product from Loxotipu. For us, a showcase example of how chain management works today. Optimized in the process, combined with the desired services, packaged in a professional appearance and accompanied by the right measures. Here we use all our experts and experience to create a complete product for you. In the form of a shop solution that means concretely:

  1. We build a custom online store.
  2. We program interfaces to your programs to automate the processes.
  3. We design, manage or accompany efficient online marketing campaigns.
  4. We secure your data from loss and protect your websites from being hacked with the strongest tools.
  5. Using the latest technologies, we find innovative ways to give your products more depth, more stories or more benefits.

Loxopitu puts together packages that are precisely tailored to your needs.


CHECK. Completely customized online shop. CHECK. Automation and synchronization with your programs. CHECK. Efficient online marketing actions. CHECK. Innovative digitalization possibilities of products or services. CHECK. Complete Website Security Suite.


CHECK. Professional appearance. CHECK. Efficient processing. CHECK. Lots of fun. CHECK. From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. CHECK. Uncomplicated. CHECK. Innovative. CHECK. Quality Conscious. CHECK. Flexible. CHECK. Creative. CHECK. Just do it. CHECK. Strong partnerships.


CHECK. Inventors. CHECK. Visionaries. CHECK. Forward walkers. CHECK.  Curious. CHECK. Self-employed. CHECK. Startups. CHECK. SME's. CHECK. Big businesses. CHECK. Associations. CHECK. Clubs. CHECK. Events. CHECK. Resellers.

Testing ideas,
making dreams come true.

The Kompletor is a unique package for the online sale of your products. You decide which service you need for the realization of your idea. Together with our strongest partners, we take over for you, for example, the programming as well as the automations of a tailor-made online shop, carry out marketing actions with our experts, secure your website against attacks, implement an intelligent backup and recovery system and tinker with new innovative ways to bring your products or services to the customers with more benefit and joy.

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What is Kompletor?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the death threat

Once upon a time, Hans, the unsuccessful inventor, received a mysterious letter from a carrier pigeon. Hans removed the wax seal and read "You have 3 days to realize your great idea. Otherwise I will kill it". Annoyed, he held the letter in the candle and burned it. 

That night, Hans had a confused dream about a glass lamp equipped with a carbon filament that provided light for several days. Drenched in sweat, Hans woke up and half asleep drew the design on a piece of paper. When he was awakened the next morning by a carrier pigeon, he received another letter with the same wax seal. "Two more days before she dies!". Hans, horrified by this further death threat, asked the carrier pigeon who its sender was. But the carrier pigeon could not speak. The only clue was the wax seal, which had an ornate "C" on it. So Hans took the seal to the detective agency. Hans hired the detective Sherlock Loxo to find the origin of this C. 

On the way back, Hans racked his brains over the threat of idea killing. "What idea?" He was an unsuccessful inventor after all. Hans went back to his apartment and found the paper with the drawing of the glass lamp. He could not believe his eyes, for he had already forgotten that dream. "That must be the idea! A lamp that gives light for several days!" But how should he be able to realize this idea and sell the product? He knew no manufacturers of glass and carbon, had no stock, and was no salesman. He brooded late into the night until he fell asleep over his work table.

The next morning he was again awakened by the carrier pigeon. "One more day until she dies!" the delivered letter said. At that moment there was a knock on the door and Sherlock Loxo delivered his news. He was able to match the symbol to a secret society called "CRAZY". These are notorious for their viciousness and unfortunately he could not help him. The desperate Hans, pulled out his paper with the product design and showed it to Sherlock Loxo. "This is my only salvation, I must make this idea a reality!" But he would need someone to manufacture, store and sell the product. A Herculean task! But Sherlock Loxo knew how to help. His uncle, an engineer named Loxotipu, knew someone who could handle the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, and Loxotipu invented a machine that could make his product a sensation. The machine can build an online store, manage inventory automatically, forward the right information to the accountant, organize the best sellers, and protect his valuable business idea from thieves. He named the machine "Kompletor". And thus Hans named his idea "light bulb" and with the help of Loxotipu he made the idea a reality and sold the products all over the world. Hans never heard of the secret society "CRAZY" again and so he lived as the most famous inventor until the end of his days.

The moral of the story: the Kompletor can offer online store programming, process automation, marketing campaigns, innovative digitalization and online security protection in one complete package.