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The digital online jungle is already huge, despite its relatively young age. It is therefore all the more important not to get lost and to focus - in other words, to limit oneself to the essentials and to coordinate the various disciplines with each other. This is exactly where we see our task and for this reason we have developed our "The Wild 6" Depending on the customer's needs, we pull the necessary modules out of the drawer and use them as needed.


Our credo:
From entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs.

From entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs.

Loxotipu's Managing Director Marcel Keller originally comes from the sporting goods industry and founded his first company in Gossau SG in 2008: a specialist for team clothing, woven articles and promotional material, which is now one of the largest textile printing companies in Switzerland. Before Loxotipu, he also successfully built up three other companies in Switzerland, Hong Kong and China.

Co-Managing Director Philip Trümpi is originally from the banking, real estate and investment consulting industry where he held advisory roles for high-net-worth individuals from various industries and gained insight into their businesses. After working for many years with Marcel Keller, for whom he worked as a digital media manager, they joined forces and founded Loxotipu Ltd. By the way, Philip doesn't just sit in front of screens, sometimes he also appears on them as an actor.

Together as entrepreneurs, sooner or later they also had to deal with online solutions. Their affinity (and stubborn heads) for IT matters led Marcel and Philip to teach themselves all the programming basics before experts were consulted. Over the years, these collaborations with various developers eventually led to a network of specialists for all needs. From this experience also comes Loxotipu's "just do it" attitude.


We think our way into your project and draw on our own experience as entrepreneurs. We think less like programmers, we think like entrepreneurs.

With us, you don't have to present solutions. Tell us your needs and we'll work out the solutions. We are honest if we are the wrong people for your project and we communicate openly, directly and genuinely with you.

If something has already proven itself, we make use of that. But we are not afraid to think differently, unconventionally, creatively and from a new perspective.

We move forward so that we have more time for your satisfaction. We want to tackle your project, work efficiently and productively.

With us it's about partnerships

Marcel Keller, Founder & Owner

Even if the fulfillment of the desired service is the focus, our work goes far beyond that. It is about sustainable creation and trust.

We achieve this with our courteous, familiar and committed manner. In doing so, we never use empty phrases. Our communication is uncomplicated, direct and genuine.

Philip Trümpi, founder & co-owner