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Multifunctional and powerful online catalogue with various custom-made functions

  • 1:1 Web design according to designer's template.
  • Strong, functional and clear shop theme for a very high number of products
  • Code optimizations for page speed due to high article volume.
  • Code optimized search function that searches hundreds of thousands of products in less than 3 seconds.
  • Customised product import function via special CSV file due to high article quantity.
  • Automatic product updates and import via server matching from promotional product providers.
  • Conversion of shopping cart and checkout to a request basket for offers.
  • Quick request implemented on product page.
  • Function to offer website to more resellers in a short time by exchanging logos, contact details and contact forms.
  • Unique logo visualization tool to display logos on products.
  • Custom-Made Invoice with product images to order.
  • Complete automation from request to project management tool, to CRM and to quotation software.