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To support you in the digital jungle, we offer tailor-made solutions and have integrated them into our "The Wild 6" . With these we create a professional appearance, efficient handling and a lot of fun. Depending on the adventure, we have the right tools available and use them tailored to your needs.

With us, you can expect uncomplicated and solution-oriented cooperation, strong services tailored to customer requirements, and a lot of ambition, professionalism and power. Ready for a digital adventure?

The Wild 6

  • #01 Sellor
  • #02 Automator
  • #03 Marketor
  • #04 Securitor
  • #05 Digitalisator
  • #06 Kompletor
#01 Sellor We specialize in personalized and innovative online store developments, offering fully customized eCommerce solutions designed to help your B2B/B2C business succeed. You don't have to present us with the solution for this. Tell us your needs and we will look for the best and most efficient option. We always do this from an entrepreneur's point of view. Our solutions are straightforward, high quality and practical. We can design and program a new shop with all your products from scratch, rebuild your existing shop, or create a shop according to your design templates. There are practically no limits to the functions we can offer. Our system can be extended at will and we love to invent new functions and processes. No matter how you imagine the feasibility of your shop, we think ourselves into your project and present solutions. MORE

#02 Automator
In today's age of digitalization, automations are inevitable in every company. Many processes can be automated or simplified through programs, interfaces or corresponding plugins. Good for you as an entrepreneur. You save time, sources of error and therefore money - and you and your employees can spend more time on essentials, creative processes or customers.

Often the devil is in the details and unnecessary minutes of work add up day by day and week by week. It may well be that we break years of habits with digital solutions or that processes can change completely. But all with one goal in mind: for the sake of the company, for the sake of profitability.

Elementary is a cross-process analysis and networked thinking, so that we can create a concrete solution for the entire business activities. The possibilities are great, sometimes even greater than you think. 


#03 Marketor
Having an online store or website for your services is a must in many industries and businesses. However, this is far from a no-brainer. For a successful online business, many factors must interact and be done right.

The Marketor includes services and topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads (SEA), Google Shopping, social media campaigns, newsletter marketing, blog service, but also the attractiveness, exciting content, beautiful graphics, explanatory videos and the user guidance of the website or online shop.

You see: "Welcome to the Jungle". That's why we see ourselves as guides, signposts and companions in the entire wilderness of online marketing. We use our expert knowledge and many years of experience for us and use these virtues in your favor.


#04 Securitor
We can very well understand your concerns and doubts about security on the World Wide Web. You hear a lot of scary stories. Therefore, it is all the more important to take the necessary measures seriously and professionally. We are talking about tools and topics such as: security analysis, securing, backing up and restoring data, secure hosting, password management, securing login pages, anti-virus and anti-malware, firewalls as well as blockchain technologies.

Safety first? Yes, safety really does come first. Also in the digital world. We therefore advise you to do your homework and secure yourself. Especially in times of home offices, flexible workplaces or new work models, modern data management brings a lot of added value and the necessary security.


#05 Digitizer
Innovative ideas, new opportunities, today's technologies, digitalization. "Digitalization" - often heard and then it becomes difficult. You ask yourself the question: "What does this big word mean for my company or for my business areas. One should follow suit, use these opportunities - or even surprise with them."

In our module Digitalisator we focus on the digitisation of products. How? First, we attach an NFC chip or QR code that can be scanned by smartphones to physical products. We then program the landing page of the "digitized" product and once the customer scans the QR code or NFC chip, they are redirected there. With this technology we can use crazy new possibilities: 100% anti-counterfeiting, innovative landing pages, coupon distribution, address collection, retargeting campaigns, apps, social media campaigns, payment options, explainer or surprise videos, modern business cards, video games, and much more.

Example: Legend shirt FC St.Gallen 1879


#06 Completor

The Kompletor module is the all-in-one product from Loxotipu. For us, a showcase example of how chain management works today. Optimized in the process, combined with the desired services, packaged in a professional appearance and accompanied by the right measures. Here we use all our experts and experience to create a complete product for you. In the form of a shop solution that means concretely:

  1. We build a custom online store.
  2. We program interfaces to your programs to automate the processes.
  3. We design, manage or accompany efficient online marketing campaigns.
  4. We secure your data from loss and protect your websites from being hacked with the strongest tools.
  5. Using the latest technologies, we find innovative ways to give your products more depth, more stories or more benefits.

Loxopitu puts together packages that are precisely tailored to your needs.


Our focus. Your advantage.

Increase your sales. All our services are designed to increase your future revenues through process optimization, professionalization and problem solving.

Return on Investment (ROI). Our services should be worthwhile for you: Every investment you make with us should pay off several times over. If we do not see this as realistic, we advise you against it and look for better solutions for you.

Best Practices. Our experience comes from our own business ventures and we only recommend what has already proven itself. We know how to look for solutions for our clients, whether they are small or large companies, clubs or associations.


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