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ERIMA by k-sales

A large custom made online store for the sale of sporting goods.

  • Web Design.
  • Functional and fast shop theme with various customizations for thousands of items.
  • Registration process for customer groups with different discounts.
  • Separate pages for specific customer groups with their own products. 
  • Different prices for specific customer groups.
  • Custom payment and shipping methods for different customer groups. 
  • Discount functions for customer groups, categories or products.
  • Automatic stock reconciliation of all products via server from the manufacturer.
  • Regular import of thousands of new articles due to annually renewing manufacturer catalogue.
  • Multilingual.
  • Additional customised product fields for article number, internal article number and EAN number.
  • Product page with optional add-ons.
  • Support tickets that are fed directly into the project management tool.
  • All common payment methods including TWINT.
  • Custom-Made Invoice with product images to order.
  • Complete automation of shop orders to project management tool, to CRM and to accounting software.