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Innovative ideas, new opportunities, today's technologies, digitalization. "Digitalization" - often heard and then it becomes difficult. You ask yourself the question: "What does this big word mean for my company or for my business areas. One should follow suit, use these opportunities - or even surprise with them."

In our module Digitalisator we focus on the digitisation of products. How? First, we attach an NFC chip or QR code that can be scanned by smartphones to physical products. We then create a custom landing page of the "digitized" product and once the customer scans the QR code or NFC chip, they are redirected there. With this technology we can use crazy new possibilities: 100% anti-counterfeiting, innovative landing pages, coupon distribution, address collection, retargeting campaigns, apps, social media campaigns, payment options, explainer or surprise videos, modern business cards, video games, and much more.

NFC chip

FC St. Gallen. In collaboration with the tech startup collectID and the blockchain company bcts.ch, we have produced the forgery-proof FCSG Legend shirt of Marc Zellweger. The shirts are equipped with a small NFC chip, which can be scanned with a smartphone to verify the authenticity of the shirt. Limited to 300 pieces, the shirts are linked to a digital twin on an immutable blockchain whose technology, ensures that each of these shirts are 100% unique and cannot be counterfeited/copied. In addition, with the scan you get a digital experience thanks to a personal surprise video by Marc Zellweger.

Digital experience

k-sales.ch GmbH. In cooperation with the promotional products dealer and textile printer k-sales.ch GmbH, we provide promotional products and textiles with an NFC chip. These automatically generate a voucher code for partner products for the recipient with a scan. The customer receives a freely customisable digital experience and the company can collect otherwise inaccessible email addresses for further marketing campaigns in a new and innovative way.

QR code

Swiss Cycling. Anyone who participates in at least four of the popular
Top Tour events will receive a flyer with a QR code with which you can secure an exclusive Top Tour gilet from ASSOS. By scanning the QR code, you will be redirected to an online shop that has been specially set up for the promotion and programmed in a custom way. With verification questions, you can order the free product and in return Swiss Cycling promotes a membership and collects contact details for further marketing campaigns.

on the pulse of time.

With the latest innovations, we give your products or marketing measures more depth, more stories or more benefits. The Digitalisator is our innovation pool, so to speak, where we realise, tinker, test, try and combine this with your needs. 

There are countless ways to use the technology of digitizing products. However, we are convinced that making products tangible and emotional is a big step towards digitization: because when you digitize your products, you digitize your business.

Tailored to your needs

Free initial consultation
Attachment of NFC chips
Generation of QR Codes
Design of the landing page or digital world
Working with pioneering partners
Innovative marketing
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What is digitizer?

An alternative explanation.

Hans and the lunatic asylum

Once upon a time in an insane asylum on the internet, there was a T-shirt dressed in a straitjacket. A fine psychologist named Dr. Crazy has already questioned the confused T-shirt for hours, how it would have come to the Internet and what his intentions were here. But the T-shirt could not give any clear answers. The confusing words that the T-shirt was saying were very worrying for Dr. Crazy. The only thing it said was "LOXOTIPU!".

What is Loxotipu? What is a T-shirt doing in our internet world? Dr. Crazy had no answers and enlisted the help of the IP police to find out the origin of the T-shirt. But the latter couldn't find any answers either. So they asked the backup FBI for help. They then rewound time from the T-shirt and found a lead in a mysterious blockchain. Seven brave backup FBI agents came forward and followed the complicated blockchain traces around the whole internet world back to the beginning and finally found a chip with many codes and the name NFC on it.

After much puzzling, a brave backup FBI agent named Hans agreed to touch the chip. And with the touch, Agent Hans' eyes suddenly rolled back and a giant T-shirt appeared, speaking in a loud deep voice: "I, Loxotipu, have sent my only son, T-shirt, from the physical world to the digital world. T-shirt's mission in your internet world is to prove to mortals that I am not a fake, but real. Moreover, my digitizer disciples have endless possibilities to display the T-shirt impressively and with various functions in your digital world. The link from your digital world, to the physical world, is this NFC chip that can be scanned with a smartphone. Ha ha ha"

Loxotipu disappeared, Agent Hans' eyes rolled forward again and he came back to his senses. But what he then saw before him terrified him. All of his colleagues were standing there with wet pants and all they could say was, "LOXOTIPU!" 
And so all the agents present lived locked up in the asylum until the end of their days.

Moral of the story: Loxotipu attaches NFC chips or QR codes to products, enabling the connection from a physical product to the internet. With the Digitalisator, we create innovative ways to offer a digital experience to the customer when they buy a physical product, or to make products tamper-proof with blockchain technology.